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          1. Wireless emergency communication, Internet of things, self networking engineering electronic equipment
          2. Forest fire prevention, geological disaster, fire control, mining area, marine command and dispatching system

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                 Quanzhou Huatiger Technology Co., LtdSince its establishment in 2015, the company has been determined to take the road of independent innovation and development. The company is mainly engaged in the R & D, production and sales of digital co frequency relay station, walkie talkie, car radio, single sideband radio, forest fire prevention, fire control, mining area command and dispatching system, indoor and outdoor positioning system, self networking, Internet of things electronic equipment.
                 Wireless ad hoc network digital communication equipment developed by the company:It not only has advanced technology, reliable quality and powerful functions, but also realizes the unique function of automatic co frequency relay in complex environment. For example, n machines can realize co frequency relay in straight, circular, star, ring, mesh and other environmental conditions, without fear of CO frequency signal overlap. It is not only small in size, and each machine is a walkie talkie and an automatic co frequency transfer device, which can instantly network communication, can realize effective communication of hundreds of kilometers without relying Other network, and is the only reliable emergency self-organizing network communication equipment in the market at present.
                 Companies relying on the beautiful scenery of the city of overseas Chinese quanzhou, sets, geographical and human conditions at present, to create "HWH" series brand, development, strive to become the industry of new and high technology content, brand, in order to better serve the company pay attention to quality, from research and development, production, technology, service excellence ……

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